June  19, 2010 – BETA: Project OPML -Music Education ~ PO-EM ~Phase III:

-Project Opml – Educators of Music (PO-EM)

By harnessing and utilizing the power of the OPML file people are able to easily integrate dozens (or hundreds) of RSS Feeds into a RSS Reader without having to find and add the individual RSS feeds of each site that they would like to track.

Note: More tutorials will be forthcoming on how to use this OPML File and the Music Education RSS Feeds in the NEAR future.

I AM NOT CURRENLTY ACCEPTING REQUEST TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS LIST.  A request feature may come at a future time and be integrated into the on-going (and up-coming) NEW Music Education Bloggers Campaign…

[Download] Here is the Curent OPML File:  June-2010-PO-EM-OPML-File-Download
Right-Click and “SAVE-AS” MusTechPOEM.opml or similar….if you simply click on the link you will likely open a page of the XML coding…

I suggest downloading and “importing” this into the BlogBridge offline RSS Reader… I don’t know of any better or more powerful RSS reader in this category than that of BLOGBRIDGE.  For online RSS Reading, I highly recommend Google Reader.

Get the BlogBridge Reader here: http://blogbridge.com
Access Google Reader here: http://google.com/reader

PO-EM has now been directly joined to the MusicEdNews.com project.  RSS Feeds contained on the MusicEdNew.com site will be contained within the PO-EM OPML file and vice versa.

The Current Content, Sites, and RSS feeds contained within the June, 2010 PO-EM OPML file are as follows:

Group 1, Featured/Noteworthy

1. MusTech.net

[Site] https://mustech.net
[RSS]  http://feeds2.feedburner.com/MusicTechnology

2. MusicEdMajor.net

[Site] http://musicedmajor.net
[RSS] http://feeds2.feedburner.com/musicedmajor

3. Music Technology in Education

[Site] http://jamesfrankel.musiced.net/
[RSS] http://jamesfrankel.musiced.net/feed/

4. Thomas J. West Music Blog

[Site] http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/apps/blog/
[RSS] http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/apps/blog/entries/feed/rss

5. Double Bass Blog – Jason Heath

[Site] http://doublebassblog.org/
[RSS] http://doublebassblog.org/feed

6. Amy M. Burns’ Blog

[Site] http://amymburns.musiced.net
[RSS] http://amymburns.musiced.net/feed

Group 2, Music Education

7. Travis J. Weller’s Blog

[Site] http://travisjweller.com
[RSS] http://travisjweller.com/feed

8. Teaching Music in the 21st Century

[Site] http://teachingmusic.posterous.com/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/teachingmusic

9. Education in Music

[Site] http://theresawhite.edublogs.org/
[Rss] http://feeds.feedburner.com/EducationInMusic

10. Music is not for Insects

[Site] http://mystro2b.edublogs.org/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/MusicIsNotForInsects

11. Music Matters Blog

[Site] http://musicmattersblog.com/
[RSS] http://musicmattersblog.com/feed/

12. Listen & Learn

[Site] http://www.listenlearnmusic.com/
[RSS] http://www.listenlearnmusic.com/feeds/posts/default

13. About. Music Education

[Site] http://musiced.about.com/
[RSS] http://z.about.com/6/g/musiced/b/rss2.xml

14. AfriClassical

[Site] http://africlassical.blogspot.com/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/Africlassical

15. D.C. MusicEd and TEchnology

[Site] http://debbiecavalier.berkleemusicblogs.com/
[RSS] http://debbiecavalier.berkleemusicblogs.com/feed/

Group 3, Music Education Technology

16. Music Tech Tips

[Site] http://musictechtips.com
[RSS] http://musictechtips.com/feed/

17.  Amy M. Burns’ Blog *

[Site] http://amymburns.musiced.net
[RSS] http://amymburns.musiced.net/feed

18.  MusTech.Net ~Dr. Joseph Pisano’s Blog *

[Site] https://mustech.net
[RSS] http://feeds2.feedburner.com/MusicTechnology

19.  Be A TEchie

[Site] http://www.beatechie.com/
[RSS] http://www.beatechie.com/feed

20.  Music Tech. in Education *

[Site] http://jamesfrankel.musiced.net
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/DrFrankelsPodcastPage

21.  Music Education Technology

[Site] http://musicedtech.wordpress.com
[RSS] http://musicedtech.wordpress.com/feed/

22.  Phil Kirkman’s blog

[Site] http://kirki.co.uk/main/
[RSS] http://musicednews.com/favs/fav_kirki.png

23. Making the Most of Notation

[Site] http://tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.com/
[RSS] http://tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.com/feed/

Group 4, Instrumental/Vocal Pedagogy

24. The Collaborative Piano Blog

[Site] http://collaborativepiano.blogspot.com/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheCollaborativePianoBlog

25. Double Bass Blog *

[Site] http://doublebassblog.org/
[RSS] http://doublebassblog.org/feed

26. Vocal Blog

[Site] http://www.vocal-blog.net/
[RSS] http://www.vocal-blog.net/feed/

27. The Teaching Studio

[Site] http://theteachingstudio.blogspot.com
[RSS] http://theteachingstudio.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

28. How To Practice

[Site] http://www.howtopractice.com/
[RSS] http://www.howtopractice.com/rss.xml

29. GuitArticles.Net

[Site] http://www.guitarticles.net/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/Guitarticles

30. Percussion Education Online

[Site] http://percussioneducationonline.com/
[RSS] http://percussioneducationonline.com/feed/

Group 5, Podcasts/Media

31. Dr. Pisano’s Podcasts

[Site] http://mustech.podomatic.com
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/musictechnologycasts

32. Dr. Frankel’s Podcasts

[Site] http://fams.podomatic.com
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/DrFrankelsPodcastPage

33.  Music Tech for ME

[Site] http://musictechforme.com
[RSS] http://www.musictechforme.com/?feed=rss2

34. Musically and Technically Speaking

[Site] http://www.techtempo.com/MATS/
[RSS] http://feeds2.feedburner.com/MusicallyAndTechnicallySpeaking

35. Music Teacher’s 911

[Site] http://musicteachers911.blogspot.com/
[RSS] To long to list (click it)

37. Dr. Watson’s Podcasts

[Site] http://whatmusicmeans.mypodcast.com/
[RSS] http://whatmusicmeans.mypodcast.com/rss.xml

38. Naxos Classical Podcast

[Site] http://blog.naxos.com/category/podcast/
[RSS] http://blog.naxos.com/feed/podcast/

Group 6, Instumental/Vocal Ensembles

39. Choir Teachers

[Site] http://choirteachers.wordpress.com/
[RSS] http://choirteachers.wordpress.com/feed/

40. MENC Band News

[Site] http://menc.org
[RSS] http://www.menc.org/s/band.rss

41. MENC Choir News

[Site] http://menc.org
[RSS] http://www.menc.org/s/chorus.rss

42. MENC Jazz News

[Site] http://menc.org
[RSS] http://www.menc.org/s/jazz.rss

43. MENC Orchestra News

[Site] http://menc.org
[RSS] http://www.menc.org/s/orchestra.rss

44. Sing Imagination

[Site] http://singimagination.wordpress.com/
[RSS] http://singimagination.wordpress.com/feed

45. Confessions of a Band Director

[Site] http://dougbutchy.edublogs.org/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/ConfessionsOfABandDirector

46. Band Ed Tool Shed

[Site] http://rogerwhaley.blogspot.com
[RSS] http://rogerwhaley.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Group 7, Music Education/Policy/Orgs.

47. Music Ed Research

[Site] http://musicedresearch.wordpress.com/
[RSS] http://musicedresearch.wordpress.com/feed/

48. Journal of Research in Music Ed

[Site] http://jrm.sagepub.com/
[RSS] http://jrm.sagepub.com/rss/current.xml

49. MENC News

[Site] http://menc.org
[RSS] http://www.menc.org/news.rss

50. Music Education Policy Notes

[Site] http://musicedpolicynotes.blogspot.com/
[RSS] http://musicedpolicynotes.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Group 8, Individual & Group Blogs

51. Split Three Ways

[Site] http://willie42.globalteacher.org.au/tag/classroom-music/
[RSS] http://willie42.globalteacher.org.au/feed/

52. fsharpbflat

[Site] http://fsharpbflat.wordpress.om
[RSS] http://fsharpbflat.wordpress.com/feed/

53. Justine Dolorfino’s Blog

[Site] http://www.justine-dolorfino.com/
[RSS] http://www.justine-dolorfino.com/rss

54. Lindsay Morelli’s Blog

[Site] http://lbmmusic.wordpress.com/
[RSS] http://lbmmusic.wordpress.com/feed

55. Discovery, Learn, Play

[Site] http://discoverlearnplay.blogspot.com/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/dYNg

56. Thomas J. West’s Blog *

[Site] http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/apps/blog/
[RSS] http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/apps/blog/entries/feed/rss

Group 9, Music Vendors/Commercial

57. SBO Magazine

[Site] http://sbomagazine.com
[RSS] http://www.sbomagazine.com/ME2/Console/XmlSyndication/Display/RSS.asp?xsid=14DBB63B6FAB45DA99B5A71A1C290B4D

58. PodComplex

[Site] http://www.podcomplex.com/blog/
[RSS] http://feeds.feedburner.com/podcomplex

59. iSchoolBand

[Site] http://blog.ischoolband.com/
[RSS] http://blog.ischoolband.com/blog/atom.xml

60. Music Teacher’s Helper Blog

[Site] http://www.musicteachershelper.com/
[RSS] http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/feed/

61. Tanbur Music

[Site] http://tanbur.wordpress.com/
[RSS] http://tanbur.wordpress.com/feed/

[Deprecated]August 2009 Version Container:
Here is the deprecatedt OPML File:  MusTechsMusicEducationOPML-Ver-Aug2009a


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