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Music Educators To Follow On Twitter (update 5/27/2011):

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This list is an important list.  I decided to start making a list of interesting and useful MUSIC EDUCATORS to follow on TWITTER.   The majority of this list is compiled of actual Music Educators, Music Professors, and Musicians that are sharing their teaching knowledge through the TWITTER medium.

If you are using TWITTER and are a Music Educator, THIS IS A MUST FOLLOW LIST.  Use it to instantly create a Music Education PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Every person on this list is an active, kind, and talented musician and educator.

Start or Add to your Twitter PLN now, by adding all of these educators:

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If you are interested in being placed on this list and meet the criteria to be listed, please let me know via the CONTACT page or on one of the STANDARD posts about this list on the MusTech.Net post page, or tweet me at

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1. Dr. Joseph Pisano @pisanojm
2. Carol Broos @musictechie
3. Jason Heath @jasonheath
4. Alex Ruthmann @alexruthmann
5. Brenda Muench @bmuench
6. Dr. James Frankel @jimfrankel
7. Ken Pendergrass @mystro2b
8. Andy Zweibel @Zweibz7
9. Dr. William Bauer @wbauer
10. SoundTree @soundtree
11. MENC @menc
12. Thomas J. West @thomasjwest
13. Janice Tuck @funmusicco
14. Chad Criswell @musicedmagic
15. Wendy Stevens @composecreate
16. Doug Butchy @dougbutchy
17. Prof. Keith Mason @keithmason
18. Katie Wardrobe @katiesw1
19. Dr. Chris Foley @chrisfoley
20. Andrew Williamson @Willie42
21. Will Kuhn @willkuhn
22. Barbara Freedman @musicedtech
23. Sarah Giordano @musicgeekchic
24. Yoon Soo Lim @doremigirl
25. Brandt Schneider @brandtschneider
26. Theresa White @theresawhite
27. Christine Baribeau @C_baribeau
28. Dan Comerchero @staffnotes
29. Brian Wis @teaching_music
30. Chris Ritter @chris_ritter
31. Kyle Gardner @kgard
32. TI:ME @Techmusiced
33. Amy M. Burns @awillis2
34. Dr. Scott Watson @scott_watson
35. Amy Bennett @NeutronGirl
36. Martha Grondin @girlfrompbo
37. Eric Rasmussen @rizzrazz
38.  Adrienne McKinney @aferomckinney
39. MusicEdNews.Com @musicednews
40.  Prof.  Kathy Kerstetter @miamiflute
41. Joshua Palmer @palmerjosh
42. Christopher Burns @clb1015
43. Justine Dolorfino @justine_robin
44. Susan Haugland @shaugland
45. Bonnie Brown @mrsbrownmusic
46. Carlan Gallello
47. Marcia Neel @musicedconsult
48. Dave Shaw @shawdave
49. Jane Balek @advance_musiced
50. Tony Alvaro @aalvaro1
51. Andrew Garcia @berkshirecat
52. Kyle Freesen @KFreesen
53. Lindsay Morelli @lindsaymorelli
54.  Elizabeth Heist @heistes
55.  Pat Toben @lovedrummin
56.  Samuel Wright @wrightstufmusic
57.  Shirley Lacroix @shirleylacroix
58. Robin Hodson @robinhodson
59.  Andrew Ritenour @andrewritenour
60.  Jeremy de Korte @jdk_music
61.  Beth Varela @ervarela
62.  Richard McCready @richardmccready
63.  Craig Cortello @bizmusician
64. Nicholas Cowall @nicholascowall
65.  Gae Phillips @gphilli
66.  Julia McCready @macsmom
67.  Carol Costantino @minormusic
68.  Richard Victor & J.S. McDonel @pds4me
69.  Jenny Sokira @jennysokira
70.  Sherri Granka @mycpianowr
71.  Catie Dwinal @musiccargirl14
72. Brian York @byperc
73.  Elissa Milne @elissamilne
74.  David Ahrens @mrahrens
75. Mike Crain @mikecrain
76. Travis J. Weller @travisjweller
77.  Victoria Chamberlin @VOBOE
78. Keith Ozsvath @band_techie
79. NorthShoreBand @northshoreband
80.  JW Pepper @jwpepper
81.  Travis Pennell @ohiostmusicman
82. David Ashworth @DavidAshworth16
83. Michelle Workman @themusicwoman
84. Sound Innovations @AlfredSI
85. Adam Pontefract @apontefract
86.  Bob Morrison @BobMorrison
87. Dr. B.L. Haskett @blhaskett
88.  Ryan Dore @britishbuegler
89.  Nicholas Lane @nlanemusic
90. Emiliy Farrell @emilyrfarrell
91. Evan Tobias @etobias_musiced
92. Ugo Valentini @ugovalentini
93. Gabrielle Deschamps @MusicTeachnTech

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Ones to Watch! -Upcoming, Interesting, and Potential Candidates:

Nikki Metzler –
Courtney Jean –
Rachel Valerde-
Jen Tolnay –
Aaron Biller –
Mike Venny –
David Stringham –
Quadrant Researh –
Donald Sorah –
Alina Gibitz –
Mary Luehrsen – http:/
Tricia Fling –
Betsy Neerhof –

The Super Cool RSS feed of This List:

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Here is the on-going and evolving criteria (evolving) to be listed in this prestigious group:

  • Is a musician or music-related entity/group (Industry, Educator, Performer, etc.) that Tweets about relevant Music Ideas, Thoughts, Tips, or News OTHER THAN some type of CONSTANT self- promotion or group or ensemble promotion (i.e. twittering about their latest song, performance, or sales -most of the time, etc.)
  • Has at least 75 Followers, at least 300 Tweets, and is following at least 15% of their followers – the conversation can’t be a one-way street
  • Has been active on Twitter consistantly in the last 3 months and Tweets at least once a week.
  • Contributes to Twitter Events like #musedchat
  • TWEETS quite a bit about music related topics that would be of interest to most musicians. (Yes, many of their Tweets will/can still be fun, off-topic, or just “stream of consciousness”)
  • Frequently RE-TWEETS others tweets, posts, etc.
  • Promotes other music educators doing great things like the people on this list through Twitter via vehicles like #followfriday or #thankfulthursday
  • Uses their real name on Twitter and not a pseudo-name.  (This is necessary to help verify the validity of the Twitter and what they are tweeting about, etc.)
  • Does NOT Tweet anything inappropriate for students
  • Does NOT have an offensive image as their Twitter Avatar and does not have a picture of the “newbie egg” as their avatar
  • Does NOT auto-tweet a bunch of information in a “machine-gun-like” fashion, and actually creates and responds to real twitter conversation(s)

Please Note: In the end, MusTech.Net makes the decision… there may be some give and sway… meeting this criteria does not automatically mean you make the list, there may be reasons that you are not listed.  Also, this list is updated every 2-3 months, not all the time.

PLEASE be PATIENT! It is VERY important that we are aware of you and know of you to make this list.

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