iPad Music Apps.

Call for iPad Application Developers to Submit their applications for review:

05/16/2010 ~Reveiew #2: moxMatrix

MusTech.Net Quick Text Review:
moxMatrix is a great application for creating and generating Grooves and Drum Beat Patterns.  One of the highlights of this applicaiton is the ability to import your own samples for use with the application (Find out how to do this here: http://moxmatrix.com/samplehelp.php).     The included sound sets are very good and you will get a lot of mileage out of them.   If you are looking for a program like this, your search may be over. 

05/15/2010 ~Review #1: Virtuoso Piano Free HD

MusTech.Net Quick Text Review:
A great app. for showing the piano, playing melodies, and demonstrating harmonic concepts.  There is a slight bit of delay (latency) when using this application (especially when multiple keys are pressed).  The sound is great and I highly recommend this for music educators to have on their iPads for classroom demonstration purposes. 

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