100 Music Education Bloggers (ME Too!)

The ME Blogger Campaign Was Successfully Completed On January 1st, 2009!!!

Get ready… we are going to be updating this list on a “rolling” basis in June of 2011!

The ME Blogger Campaign played a VITAL role in getting better information about Music Education and Music Technology on to the Internet.  In addition, it was one of the first catalysts that
moved Music Educators into the online collaborative world of “Web 2.0”.


Click  to jump  directly to the completed list of ME Bloggers!

ME Blogger, Music Education!


Welcome to the page for all of the information related to our 100 ME Bloggers campaign! This page also contains links to a number of the related posts on MusTech.net about the 100 ME Bloggers! campaign.

Want to know more about the campaign that started it all? Click it!


The Rules as listed to become a ME Blogger:

  1. You must have (or have started) a blog site and not a simple website.
  2. You must agree to post as regularly as you able to about a topic that is interesting to you, your students, the music audience as a whole, etc. that related to music education and/or music technology in the classroom environment. Literally, you can almost blog about anything related… the “world is your oyster!”. I know many of you can’t post every day (I don’t-ok, not usually ;) ), week, or even couple-to-three weeks, but let’s strive for at least a post a month! :)
  3. You must agree to not “covet” all your materials and share many of them, freely, with the world so we all can gain from everyone’s expertise and experiences. Of course you are free to copyright your creative works and ideas as you see fit, afterall they’re yours! We are encouraging ME Bloggers to consider using a creative commons license (your pick!) to help them preserve their ideas while allowing others to access them in ways that the ME Bloggers see fit. Becoming a ME Blogger does not in anyway obligate you to give up an of your commercial venues or have everything on your blog “given away anything or everthing for free”. It simply means that you are blogging for the good of music education and that you are part of the global conversation about it! What we are NOT looking for in a ME bloggers is a blog that is specifically designed to sell products and/or services.
  4. You must actively participate in our “global conversation” about our field by joining in the conversation with others:
    1. Agreeing to comment on other ME Bloggers posts as you are able to and have the ability to contribute or encourage
    2. Share your blog with others by linking to the other ME Bloggers in either your blogroll or a page of ME Bloggers
    3. Agreeing to answer legitimate questions by ME Bloggers and others that post questions on your site in a timely manner.
  5. Let me/us know you exist! Comment after this post, or visit our
    contact page!
  6. When you become an ME blogger, post about our campaign as much as you want, tell your friends…we know this is going to be a long haul…let’s take the first step together!

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The OFFICIAL ME List (Completed December 1st, 2008)

Note: Many of these blogs are still active, but a number of ME Bloggers have evolved to using Social Media as a viable alternative to continuing the Music Education Conversation(s) online.  For more information about Music Education Social Networking please visit this article by Dr. Joseph Pisano and Andy Zweibel.

  1. http://www.mustech.net
    Dr. Joseph M. Pisano- MusTech.net
  2. http://digitalmusiceducator.wordpress.com
    Owen Bradley -The Digital Music Educator
  3. http://etobiasblog.musiced.net
    Evan Tobias- Catalysts & Connections
  4. http://musiced.about.com/
    Espie Estrella -About Music Education
  5. http://jamesfrankel.musiced.net/
    Dr. James Frankel- Music Technology in Education
  6. http://weblog.siba.fi/msalavuo
    Dr. Miikka Salavuo- Music Education, Technology & Social Media
  7. http://pwhitfield.edublogs.org
    Pete Whitfield- e-Learning for Music
  8. http://www.musicedmagic.com
    Chad Criswell- Music Ed. Magic
  9. http://jsavage.org.uk/
    Dr. Jonathan Savage- Jonathan Savage
  10. http://musictechforme.com/
    V. Keith Mason- Music Tech. for Me.
  11. http://tjweller.wordpress.com
    Travis J. Weller- Composing Like Mad
  12. http://mystro2b.edublogs.org/
    Ken Pendergrass- Music is Not for Insects
  13. http://www.soyouwanttoteach.com/
    Joel- So You Want to Teach
  14. http://stengel99.wordpress.com/
    Steve Engel- Music Ed. Lounge
  15. http://fsharpbflat.wordpress.com/
    Linda Granite- Bb, F#
  16. http://doublebassblog.org
    Jason Heath- Double Bass Blog
  17. http://musicisfree.ning.com/
    Robert Brannan- The Music is Free
  18. http://dvzmix.wordpress.com/
    Deborah Valdivia-Zwolinski- DVZ’s Mix
  19. http://choirteachers.blogspot.com/
    Kyle Gardner- Choir Teachers
  20. http://www.pauldraper.org
    Paul Draper- Draper’s Blogspot
  21. http://johnwilborn.wordpress.com
    John Wilborn- John Wilborn’s Weblog
  22. http://iknowithink.blogspot.com
    Leo Park- I Know…I Think
  23. http://gluedtothestring.blogspot.com
    Stan Haskins- Glued to the String
  24. http://musicedtech.wordpress.com
    Barbara Freedman- Music Ed. Tech.
  25. http://tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.com
    Dr. Tom Rudolph- Make the Most of Notation Software
  26. http://teachingthewirechoir.com/
    Dale Lewis- Teaching the “Wire Choir”
  27. http://docandry.edublogs.org
    Dr. Kevin Andry-Dr. Andry’s Band Blog
  28. http://sperham.wordpress.com
    Steffany Perham- Perham’s Prattlings
  29. http://alexruthmann.com
    Alex Ruthmann- Alex Ruthmann’s Blog
  30. http://www.beatechie.com/
    Carol Broos- Be A Techie:)
  31. http://musicanthology.org
    Geejay Arrioloa and Jeffrey Langlois -Music Anthology
  32. http://southiowamusiced.blogspot.com/
    Michael Compton -Southern Iowa Music Education Network
  33. http://qachsband.edublogs.org/
    Eric Wright- QACHS’s Band Blog
  34. http://jonathanfilbert.com/blog/
    Jonathan Filbert -Sound On ~Music and Music Education
  35. http://alleyjazz13.wordpress.com/
    Alison Hulihan- Marching Music
  36. http://rogerwhaley.blogspot.com
    Roger Whaley -The BandEd ToolShed
  37. http://mgrondin.edublogs.org
    Martha Grondin-Artful, Tuneful, Beatful
  38. http://percussioneducationonline.com
    Kevin Tuck -Percussion Education Online
  39. http://www.musicteachersblog.com
    Janice Tuck -The Music Teacher’s Blog
  40. http://bnceducation.com
    Steve Raybould, Kriston Feldpausch -Band and Chorus PMS/PJHS
  41. http://musicedshare.wordpress.com
    Kyle Krstolic -Music Education Share
  42. http://musicedforall.weebly.com
    Dan Leeman -Music Education for All
  43. http://amymburns.musiced.net
    Amy Burns -Elementary Music/Music Technology
  44. http://www.music.erinnwrobel.com
    Erinn Wrobel – Notes From The Mitten
  45. http://dougbutchy.wordpress.com
    Doug Butchy – Confessions of a Band Director
  46. http://studiobeemusic.com/mutech
    Rich Blenkinsopp – Studiobee Music
  47. http://musicmiddleschoolandweb20.blogspot.com/
    Susan Hurst – Music, Middle School and Web 2.0
  48. http://www.kirki.co.uk
    Dr. Phil Kirkman -Music Education and Technology Blog
  49. http://tufsdblogs.org/winze
    Ann Winze- WI Orchestra
  50. http://thirddivision.org
    David DeVoto – Third Division
  51. http://collaborativepiano.blogspot.com
    Dr. Chris Foley – The Collaborative Piano Blog
  52. http://bandguys.wordpress.com
    Matthew Pelandina and Mike Lewis – The BandGuys’ blog
  53. http://tanbur.wordpress.com
    David French -The Music Education Blogspot
  54. http://musicteachers911.blogspot.com
    Larry Marra -Music Teachers 911
  55. http://www.pianoteacherblog.com
    Rebecca Brown -Piano Teacher’s Retreat
  56. http://wordtogo.wordpress.com
    Steve Mugglin -Creativity and Songwriting in Music Education
  57. http://totalmusiceducation.blogspot.com
    Greg Albing -Total Music Education
  58. http://teachingmusicbs.com
    Ben Baker -Teaching Music
  59. http://susanadavis.blogspot.com/
    Susan Davis -Music Technology Musings
  60. http://www.howtopractise.com (yes it’s a “s”, it’s an English spelling)
    Mike Saville – How To Practise
  61. http://www.free2create.com/blog
    Valerie Kampmeier – Free 2 Create
  62. http://musicmattersblog.com
    Natalie Wickham – Music Matters Blog
  63. http://theresawhite.edublogs.org
    Theresa White – Education In Music
  64. http://africlassical.blogspot.com
    William Zick – Africlassical
  65. http://discoverlearnplay.blogspot.com
    Eugene Cantera – Discover, Learn, Play (MusickED.com’s Blog)
  66. http://mstrismusic.com
    Ms. Tris – MsTrisMusic.com
  67. http://www.learn-theory-music.com/learn-theory-music-blog.html
    Julian Partridge – Learn Theory Music Blog
  68. http://www.guitarticles.net
    Tennyson Williams – Guitar Articles.Net
  69. http://creativekidmusic.wordpress.com
    Dan Thompson -Creative Kid Music
  70. http://educacionmusical.blogspot.com
    Oscar – Educacion Musical – Music Education (Our first, in Spanish, ME Blog!)
  71. http://rizzrazz.vox.com/
    Dr. Eric Rasmussen – Rizz’s Blog
  72. http://reband.wordpress.com
    Mr. ReBand
  73. http://www.techtempo.com
    Brenda Muench – Tech. Tempo
  74. http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/blog.htm
    Thomas J. West
  75. http://musictech4ed.edublogs.org
    Andrew Spang -MusicTech4Ed
  76. Click this link. (A very log blog URL…)
    Jon Ensminger -Pedaplus
  77. http://techtoysandtunes.blogspot.com
    Richard McCready – Tech Toys and Tunes
  78. http://downpressup.wordpress.com
    Derek -Downpressup
  79. http://listenlearnmusic.com
    Rachel Rambach – Listen and Learn
  80. http://jazzworks.wordpress.com
    Allan Perkins – Jazz Works
  81. http://msgallant.edublogs.org
    Alexandra Gallant – The Misadventures of a First Year Music Teacher
  82. http://www.acousticpath.com/blog
    Cameron Grant – Acoustic Path
  83. http://musicteachercafe.viviti.com/
    Scott Ashby – Music Teacher’s Cafe
  84. http://www.frogstoryrecords.com/player_journal.html
    Stever Carter – Frog Story Records/Player’s Journal
  85. http://thirdstream.musiced.net
    Cary Stewart – Third-Stream Music Education
  86. http://michiganstatepianopedagogy.blogspot.com
    Derek Polischuk – Michigan State Piano Pedagogy
  87. http://fromthevoiceof.blogspot.com
    Elizabeth McDonald -From the Voice of…
  88. http://urbanmusiceducation.org
    Sarah Johnston -Urban Music Education
  89. http://musiced.jasoncrews.net/
    Jason Crews – Music Education Resource Blog
  90. http://www.classicalguitarblog.net
    Christopher – Classical Guitar Blog
  91. http://willie42.globalteacher.org.au/
    Andrew- Split Three Ways
  92. http://mjsheetmusictips.blogspot.com/
    Marilyn Johnson – MJ’s Music Teaching Tips
  93. http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/
    Brandon Pearce – Music Teacher’s Helper Blog
  94. http://jeane-metroyo.blogspot.com
    Jeane Goforth – Scrollworks and Metropolitian Youth Orchestras
  95. http://www.oparp.blogspot.com
    Dr. Robert Phillips – The Opinionated Arpgeggist
  96. http://www.wikyblog.com/CynthiaWunsch
    Cynthia Wunsch – The Unlikely Entrepreneur (Click the Blog Tab)
  97. http://mineoladrama.blogspot.com
    Joe Owens – MHS Theater
  98. http://andyzweibel.com
    Andy Zweibel – Music Musings and Other Randoms…
  99. http://musicschoolsbc.blogspot.com/
    Stephen Robb – Music Schools BC
  100. http://paulbailey.us
    Paul Bailey – Paul Bailey’s Blog

The list if finished, the campaign is done!  Congratulations to all selected to as Official  ME Bloggers!

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