This page will list the various online projects and “labs” that Dr. Pisano is working with as part of MusTech.Net!
Not unlike Google Labs, some projects will have graduated to their own sites.

  • C-Muse -Online Music Specific Search
  • Notables- Online Recognition of Exceptional Music Education Related Sites
  • 100 Music Education Bloggers- A project to have 100 music educators blogging by 2009
  • Music Education Blog Carnival- The homepage of the ongoing monthly Music Education Blog Carnival
  • Music Education News: Online Aggregator of Music Education, Related Sites
  • MusPods – An online site dedicated to bringing lists of the best music, education, technology related podcasts.
  • Mus-Tweets – A project to harness the power of twitter for music educators

This page is not yet complete. 1/2015.