All of the freeware & software written about at will be listed here as well as links of where to get them.  Please note the vast majority of the software listed here is PC.


Note:  This page is scheduled for houskeeping this month and will include a number of updated pointers.  Please also search the search box above and the freeware category links.


Audio Editors, Converters, Rippers:

Audacity– audio sound file editor.

NCH Switch Audio Converter -convert any audio filetype to some other type.

TRAKAX PC–  Audio Editor, Multi-track editor, Mixer, Splicer.

Ear-Training,Choral, Lyrical:

GNU-Solfege– Great ear training/solfeggio program.

Verse Perfect– Dictionary of Rhyme And Lyric Writer

Guides, PDFs, and Docs:

Music Educators Audio Guide PDF -Click It!

Theater Performances Audio Guide PDF -Click It!

Notation, Sequencing:

Anvil Studio– MIDI sequencer and editor.

Finale Notepad– The best freeware notation program.

Midi Notation Player– A visual MIDI notation player.

Tab Player– Guitar Editor, player and more.

Play-along, Jam, and Karaoke:

E-Chromatic tuner– A chromatic tuner.

Groove Drum Machine– 1980′-90’s electronic drum machine.

Jam Chord Player– Easy to use chord player/song writer.

Mixxx DJ– Software for mixing live audio tracks DJ style

Tempo Perfect Metronome -A metronome with subdivision ability.


ALzip– One of the very best freeware zip/compression softwares.