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This site was established in order to spread the “word” faster about  music, technology,  and other related educational topics.  This site was created by Dr. Prof. Joseph Pisano and began as a sub-domain of http://jpisano.com in 2005. It officially became MusTech.net in October of 2006.  You may find out more information about the history of Music Education Bloggers/Blogging in this Wikipedia article.  In June of 2012, MusTech.Net officially became a multi-author and now features Amy M. Burns in addition to Dr. Pisano.

Although many of the topics discussed here will be about music technology and music education,  you also find plenty of material that discussing the various forms of electronic technologies that aren’t necessarily related to music as well.  From time to time, you may also find COMPLETELY unrelated topics that may be of interest to us or our readers.

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sincerely hope that you will engage in the conversations we post and talk about here and spread them to others who may benefit, like, dislike or disagree with them.  The goal is to spread the “word,” not keep it a secret!


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