A few years back, I wrote a post about ideas for the “Hour of Code” week, which takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week.

Here is another idea for this week. In these YouTube videos, it shows a boomwhacker play-along being played on virtual boomwhackers. In the longer of the two videos, I demonstrate how to create these virtual boomwhackers using scratch.mit.edu. Having students code virtual instruments is a wonderful way for them to turn their devices into instruments, especially during the restrictions placed on our programs due to COVID.

In addition, students can code instruments for other students who cannot play instruments in a traditional way. Scratch is intuitive to use and most of the middle schoolers I speak with tell me that it is a great starter program for coding. It is the one I tend to go to, but love seeing the middle schoolers take to other programs to further their coding.

Check out these two videos and the original post for ideas on how to code during this week.

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