We are very excited to finally announce that MusTech.Net will be presenting on-going and free LIVE broadcasts throughout the year. “MusTech.Net LIVE!” will feature hosts Dr. Joseph M. Pisano, Dr. Jeffrey M. Tedford, and Amy M. Burns along with a slew of guests every Monday and Thursday night throughout May. Then, starting in June, MusTech.Net LIVE! will move to its permanent, weekly, format.

MusTech.Net Video of Our Broadcast Live - Music Technology and Music Education
Picture of one of our early, LIVE, Broadcasts

Each week the shows will be broadcast, LIVE, on MusTech.Net’s Facebook page, https://facebook.com/mustech.net. In addition, starting in JUNE the broadcast will be simulcast to the MusTech.Net YouTube Channel. One of the unique features of the show is that the comments are monitored LIVE and the hosts will interact with questions as they arise, creating an interactive experience.

The concept for the show started when Dr. Pisano decided, in March of 2020, that music teachers needed more than just social-media and forum-type help to get through the COVID-19 crisis while mandated to stay at home. That decision turned into the dozens of live broadcasts with him along with long-time MusTech.Net author and education expert Amy M. Burns, and college orchestra director and music chair, Dr. Jeffrey M. Tedford.

Since they started in March, they have broadcast nearly two-dozen episodes that have reached over 50,000 music teachers and generated hundreds of live discussions. Please considering “joining in on the conversation” with them Mondays and Thursdays them at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT). If you miss a show, the archives will become available almost immediately.

Find them LIVE right here: https://fb.com/mustech.netdon’t miss a beat!

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