Keeping Music Education in our schools and in our communities is important. Covid-19 has proven to be exceptional damaging to the sustainability of the performing arts and art education. We must begin to prepare for the eventuality that we, as music and fine arts teachers, will find ourselves in very different circumstances at our schools and having to come up with solutions for things we never would have dreamed.

We are now all wondering, what does music education and teaching in a post-COVID-19 world look like? Through these articles, it is my hope that we can begin to find the answers together and continue our labor to make our profession even stronger and more vibrant that it was before. Now, more than ever, it is important that we stand together to fight COVID-19 and to keep the importance music education and arts education in the front and at the center of EVERY conversation involving schools, universities, colleges, and classrooms of every kind. We must be informed and we must speak up.

This post will be updated throughout the summer. These resources are specifically chosen to assist music teachers in finding information about the impact of COVID-19 will have or is having on their ability to teach music and their students’ abilities to remain and participate in music classes and to inform them to be better advocates for music and music education.

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EDIT: As this post evolves, I’m placing each resource into one of four categories. Each categories will have its contents listed chronologically with the newest articles listed at the top.

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Note: This post was originally published on 5/5/2020. The publish date is updated periodically to reflect the addition of new articles.

Articles about Covid-19 and the Operation of Music Ensembles, Performance Venues, and Large Group Assemblies:

  1. ** Keeping Music Education Strong: Updates on Back-to-School Protocols, Funding Realities and Advocacy Response – Clinic/PDF NAMM Foundation | May 12, 2020
  2. We Mean Clean | Texas Center for Performing Health ArtsArticle & Video | Found May 13, 2020
  3. COVID-19 AND PIANO CAREArticle | Found May 12, 2020
  4. Berlin study issues recommendations for orchestral distancing News Article | May 8, 2020
  5. Why Singers Might Be Covid-19 Super-spreaders – News Article | May 6, 2020
  6. Wind Instruments May Not Be As Contagious As We thought – News Article | May 5, 2020
  7. The Post-COVID Concert Hall Catastrophe: Why Audience Attendance is the Least of Our Problems – News Article | Apr. 29, 2020
  8. Music Ensembles: What Covid-19 has brought into the spotlightAn article by, me stating, some of the future problems facing classroom music teachers. | Apr. 18, 2020
  9. Covid-19 Instrument Cleaning GuidelinesRecommendations by NFHS, NAfME, and NAMM about how to handle the cleaning of musical instruments. | April, 2020
  10. Proper Microphone HygieneArticle | Mar. 18, 2020
  11. Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility – Everyday steps, steps when someone is sick, and considerations for employers. (CDC) | Found March, 2020

Articles about the effect of Covid-19 on musicians, music students, music education, and music classes or groups:

  1. ACDA COVID-19 Response Committee Report – ACDA Report, June 15, 2020
  2. ** How music education is using tech to thrive during coronavirus lockdownArticle | May 17,2020
  3. MAKING MUSIC – AT A DISTANCEArticle | May, 2020
  4. ‘Never faced anything like this.’ Will COVID-19 silence singers until there’s a vaccine? News Article, May 10, 2020
  5. Choirs may have to remain silent long after society reopensNews Article | May 9, 2020
  6. Year-Round School; Elimination of PE, Band, Choir, Sports Among Recommendations in Reopening of SchoolsNews Article | May 8, 2020
    EXTRA: LINK to full document
  7. Opinion: Online instruction amid COVID-19 proves a challenge for music majorsNews Article | May 6, 2020
  8. NATS Panel of Experts Lays Out Sobering Future for Singers: “No Vaccine, No Safe Public Singing” – News Article | May 6, 2020
  9. Music Schools Respond to COVID-19 shutdown – News Article | May 5, 2020
  10. How COVID-19 has affected TCU’s School of Music News Article | Apr. 27, 2020
  11. Covid-19 school closures ‘devastating’ for students who rely on music classes ‘to get them through the school day’News Article | Apr. 26, 2020
  12. A choir decided to go ahead with rehearsal. Now dozens of members have COVID-19 and two are deadNews Article | Mar. 29, 2020

Articles related to education of interest for music educators:

  1. ** Reopening Schools in the Context of COVID-19: Health and Safety Guidelines From Other Countries – Article | May 15, 2020
  2. The option of students returning to campus in the fall is not viable, regardless of the economic implications, argues William G. TierneyArticle | May 11, 2020
  3. University Hospitals in Cleveland confirms suspected local cases of ‘mystery illness’ in children possibly linked to COVID-19 News Article | May 11, 2020
  4. A looming issue for schools: Teachers with health worries who can’t or won’t go backArticle | May 9, 2020
  5. ** Curbing Treacher Burnout During the Pandemic – Article | May 8,2020
  6. Part 1: Superintendent Dr. Salmon lays out Maryland’s Recovery Plan for Education – News Article | May 7, 2020
  7. 9 Ways Schools Will Look Different When (And If) They Reopen – News Article | Apr. 24, 2020
  8. Why COVID-19 will ‘explode’ existing academic achievement gaps – News Article | Apr. 17, 2020

Expert Opinion and Research related to music education, music performing, and musicians and COVID-19 or viruses:

  1. ** High SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir Practice — Skagit County, Washington, March 2020Research | May 15, 2020
  2. Coronavirus, the cultural catalystResearch | Found May 13, 2020
  3. ** Early study shows coronavirus can live the air for over 16 hours – Research | May 12, 2020
  4. Sharing Musical Instruments Means Sharing Germs Older research (2011) | listed May 11, 2020
  5. Band wind instrument mouthpieces may Harbor countless disease viruses and bacterial flora – Very old research (1969) | listed May 11, 2020
  6. Wind Ensemble Infectious Disease Risks II A Microbiological Examination of Condensate Liquids in Woodwind Instruments
  7. Microbial contamination of musical wind instruments Older research (2011) | listed May 11, 2020
  8. COVID-19 | Response of musician’s unionsWebsite | updated periodically
  9. A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About the Near Term Future of Singing – Video | May 5, 2020
  10. How Can Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Indoors be Minimized? – Video | May 1, 2020
  11. Consideration of the Aersol Transmission for Covid-19 and Public Health – Research | May 1, 2020
  12. Singing, the Church, and COVID-19: A Caution Moving Forward in Our Current PandemicArticle | Apr. 29, 2020
  13. COVID-19 can be spread by building ventilation, argue Canadian researchers working on an HVAC fixArticle | Apr. 29, 2020
  14. ** Comparative dynamic aerosol efficiencies of three emergent coronaviruses and the unusual persistence of SARS-CoV-2 in aerosol suspensions – Research | April 18, 2020
  15. ** How Long Can The Virus That Causes COVID-19 LIVE ON SURFACES? – Research/Expert Opinion | March 20, 2020

As research and studies come out, I will be posting them here as well.

My best to you all,

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