What are some of the best music education and music teacher blogs for 2020?

10. Travis J. Weller’s Blog
9. Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room
8. CPHmusic.net
7. Make Moments Matter
6. Music Education Works
5. Listen & Learn Music
4. Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
3. Music Matters Blog
2. Scott Lang Leadership Blog (Be Part of the Music)
1. Midnight Music & Katie Wardrobe
* MusTech.Net

Coming up with only ten of the best is not an easy task at all, but all of these blogs are blogs that I read often and find very valuable to our music profession. Read on to find out more about these music education, teaching, and technology gems!

Ground Zero: MusTech.Nethttps://mustech.net

Picture of MusTech.net -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

Well, of course, but I’m biased – so think of this one as a bonus! MusTech.Net has been around a VERY long time. With over 2,500 posts and tons of other features, this blog has stood the proverbial test of time, which in Internet lifespans, is pretty darn impressive. Click around and enjoy!

10. Travis J. Weller’s Blog – https://travisjweller.com

Screenshot of travis j. weller
-Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

What can I say? Travis and I have been friends since undergraduate school and he is great music educator and composer. However, many don’t know that he has been blogging for well over a decade and a half and is pretty good at it as well! His blog focuses on instrumental music education and composition. His “Two Minute Clinics” are fantastic and I highly recommend them.

9. Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room – https://www.mrsmiraclesmusicroom.com/blog

Picture of Mrs. Miracle's Music Room
-Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

“Let’s Talk About Elementary Music, Teaching, Technology and more!” Aileen’s blog and site features a podcast, access to her Facebook Group, tons of resources, and great blog posts.

8. CPHmusic.net – http://www.cphmusic.net/

Cherie's Blog Picture -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

” I love working with all my heart to make learning hard things fun, and I love the chaos that active learning creates. I LOVE teaching! I love teaching children and especially adults who think they “can’t.” Cherie’s blog is CHALK-full of lesson-plans, easily sorted by k-4th grade, cross-curricula activities, and so much more.

7. Make Moments Matter – https://makemomentsmatter.org/blog/

Make Moments Matter Blog Sreen Shot -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

“Dream Big! Take Chances Make Moments Matter!” – David’s blog and website includes an enormous amount of resources and inspiration for the elementary music classroom including, lesson plans, games, songs, tips, podcasts, videos, and more.

6. Music Education Works – https://musiceducationworks.wordpress.com/

Music Education Works Blog Picture -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

“Collecting, summarizing and sharing evidence of the impact of music education.” Anita’s blog focuses on music education research and provides a wealth of up-to-date information for the profession.

5. Listen & Learn Music – https://listenlearnmusic.com/

Picture of screenshot of Rachel Rambach. -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

“This is where all of my interests and skills are combined for one purpose: to make peoples’ lives better through music. Whether it’s through my original songs, serving my community through my business, or singing with my children, this is my favorite place to share my musical endeavors.” Rachel’s blog is one of the more unique music education blogs because it has a particular focus on music therapy. Her site includes a frequently updated blog with excellent information related to the music therapy related profession as well general music education and music technology. A must see.

4. Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog – https://doublebassblog.org/

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

Jason Heath’s Blog has been around as long as mustech.net and we’ve been through it all from the very start of music education blogging. With over 3500 posts, 600 podcasts, and some very hilarious personal experience stories, if you are a low string player (or any for that matter), this place is the blog for you.

3. Music Matters Blog – https://musicmattersblog.com/blog/

Screenshot Music Matters Blog -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

” I love my students and I love having the privilege of teaching them to play the piano.” Natalie is another veteran music education blogger! She writes often and focuses on piano and piano studio posts, frequently including music tech tips, book and app reviews, arrangements, and more, her posts include the complete spectrum of what you would expect for a prolific blogger – just about everything!

2. Scott Lang Leadership Blog (Be Part of the Music) – http://www.scottlang.net/scottsblog2

Scott Lang Screenshot -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

Scott has tremendous ideas, one of many them was to start the website https://bepartofthemusic.org. If you are a music ensemble teacher and are wondering how do I get the students to be in the band, choir, or orchestra? Give that link a click and begin solving your problems. Scott also has a tremendous blog FULL of inspirational ideas and leadership solutions. I recommend it highly and also recommend subscribing to his newsletter; you won’t regret it, I promise!

1. Midnight Music & Katie Wardrobe – https://midnightmusic.com.au/blog

Midnight Music - Katie Wardrobe -Music Education and Music Teacher Blogs

“Hi, I’m Katie! I show music teachers how to use technology to foster creativity, increase productivity and enhance learning outcomes.” One word from me, fabulous! Another word, wow! Katie has been showing music teachers how to use technology and integrate tech into the classrooms from the start of it all; and, she’s very, very good at it. Her blog and website feature topics on everything music education and tech, a fantastic podcast, and an unbelievable amount resources.

My apologies to all my friends that have great music education and teacher blogs that I didn’t write about, you guys are amazing too! Do you have a blog you absolutely love and keeps up-to-date? Include it in the comments.


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