This was a series that I started in March of 2007, and continued for years on MusTech.Net. At the time, we (music teachers) were all just becoming aware of how valuable a resource YouTube could be for the classroom AND how AMAZING some of the videos featuring music and musicians could be! If you’ve seen me “live” at any clinic or lecture, you would know that I LOVE to start my session with one or two of these awesome videos; over the years, there have been many.

As YouTube was founded in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006, this video series and all the posts about YouTube (copyright, usage, etc.) on MusTech.Net were not only timely and fresh; they were cutting edge. Here is an interesting fact about YouTube; it has been said that the size of YouTube in 2007 was the size of the ENTIRE internet in 2000! Wow!

In this Unearthed ARCANA series, I am digging up many of the best of those video articles at and gathering them into this post. Whether seeing these for the first time or reliving them again, these videos are truly amazing.

You can find all of these videos as a playlist at my YouTube Channel.

1. Vitas: Opera #2

2. Pachelbel Rant: Rob Paravonian

3. Flute Beatboxing: Greg Pattillo

4. Skate Bottle Music

5. Revenge of the Canon: FunTwo

6. Chereokee: GRP All Star Big Band

7. Art Tatum: Yesterdays

7. Beatbox: Joseph Poulpo

8. Denise Reis: Miss Celie’s Blues

9. Reggie VS. Victor Wooten: Guitar Battle

10. Star Spangled Banner: The Cactus Cuties

11. The Speaking Piano: Using Advanced Algorithms To “Talk”

12. Techno Jeep: Julian Smith

13. Eric Whitacre: Lux Aurumque

14. Empty School: Hugio55

15. Robot Plays Marimba and Jazz

16. Jazz for Cows: The New Hot 5

17. I Got Rhythm: John Pizzarelli

18. Snappy Too: James Morrison

19. Mr. Curly: Linsey Pollak

20. Pop Songs Medley: Main Street

I know you will enjoy these videos!

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