It’s been quite awhile since MusTech.Net has had its core updated with regard to “left over” pieces that are now obsolete. Generally, you don’t see this mess on the front-end, but on the back; well, it’s been scaring me for years! For those of you of in the WordPress “know,” I started with WordPress back in the “Mingus” era. MusTech.Net launched while WordPress was using the “Duke” version. As a jazzer, it was soooo cool to be using such an amazing technology framework that had each new version named after a famous Jazz Musician! The perfect mix for me.

Although I have tried to merge new technologies the best that I could and as I had time, there are still some fragments of olders posts that still don’t fit the new frameworks. (anybody remember Technorati Tags?) My hope is, with this update, I will get the back-end of MusTech.Net moved forward as best as possible; but, it will take time. Over the years,I have made numerous facelifts to MusTech.Net with regard to graphics and front-end presentation. It is so cool (and funny) to look back on some of these (I’m sure many of you will remember them as fondly as I do!):


For now, please enjoy the new look of the site and know that we are working to update MusTech.Net so that it’s faster, more relevant, and the older data is more accessible and findable. Also, be on the lookout for a new series called “Unearthed Arcana.” As I find posts and pages that have been buried, cut off from searching, or just OLD but INTERESTING, I will be noting them as I find them and clean-them up.

My best as always,


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