As we came into the new year, I counted down the “10 Websites for the Elementary General Music Class“. Though we are now into the third week of the new year, I can now post the webinar.

When Illness Hits You Like a Truck…


There are years where I cannot shake an illness, and this has been one of those years. Starting in mid-November, I have had a sinus infection, C Difficile, and then a non-stop head cold and aggressive cough that lasted for four weeks. It tore up my muscles. It was rough. And there was nothing but over-the-counter medicines to try and take the sting off this illness. I stayed home with my children when they had symptoms, but this illness was not leaving anytime soon.

As we are teachers, and many of us are working FT parents, we learn to keep moving forward. We do not want to call out because we do not see our students that often. We want to be there for them to teach, to direct and prepare for performances, and to get the students to experience the best possible musical successes. We just hope the illness powers through quickly and does not fester.


The webinar is below and it shows the 10 Websites for the Elementary General Music Class. If you are a member of NJMEA/NAfME, then you can watch the webinar, send a summary, and answer the question at the end to send it to me, and I will send you a PD certificate. As a board member of NJMEA, I strive to give the elementary music educators of NJ free PD webinars so they know that they can receive PD from home when possible.

Free Webinars for Elementary Music Educators!

If you want more webinars, check out Take a PD day and go to the website. Go through webinars about Seesaw, Ice Breakers, Assessment, Book Creator, Conversational Solfege by Dr. Missy Strong, and so much more! You can watch and view them from home. You can ask to use time on your PD day to view them in your classroom instead of attending a PD that might not directly pertain to you. I create them for you to be able to learn for free from wherever you want to view them. If you need more information on the topics, please feel free to contact me and I can come to your district and hold a workshop.

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