For the past two years, I have counted down the new year with a top ten list. Each day leading up to the new year, I would write a post with ten technology tools that benefit an elementary general music classroom. These are also tools that I have successfully used in the classroom. In 2018, I wrote the posts titled, “Top Ten Reasons to Enhance Your Elementary Music Classroom with Technology”. In 2017, I wrote the posts titled, “Ten Tech Tools to Assist an Elementary Music Teacher – Webinar!” This year, the posts and webinar will feature 10 websites for the elementary general music classroom. I would not call these websites top 10, as there are so many websites we can use in the classroom. In addition, I wanted to feature websites that can be used solely by the teacher for organization, or websites that can be used in a one device classroom to a 1:1 classroom.

New Webinars!

At the end of the countdown, there will be a webinar demonstrating all ten websites. In addition, I am updating my webinars for Seesaw and Flipgrid. These can be accessed by any elementary music educator for free! However, if you are a NAfME NJMEA music educator, you can receive PD credits by writing a summary of the webinar and answering the questions at the end of the webinar.

One Final Thought…

I will begin the countdown tomorrow and it will end on 1/1/20. When using websites in the classroom, there are some items that we should consider:

  • Always check the website in your classroom before you present it to your students. It is important to check the website on your school’s network to see if it will run or if the filters will block it.
  • Have an alternate plan. Remember that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. If Plan A fails, there are still 25 letters left. One never knows when the tech will fail. This is true for any lesson we plan. We never know if a lesson will go awry due to any reason from students to tech.
  • If you change around rooms often, have the sites saved in Symbaloo or on your bookmarks through Google Chrome. Therefore, you can login and access your bookmarks from any device.

Let’s ring in the new decade together!

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