This week at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) has been amazing! The music educators taking the course were phenomenal presenting their “Show What You Know” presentations on the final day of class. In addition, the collaboration between Scott Watson’s Elementary Band Course, Missy’s Neuroscience and Elementary Music and Music Course, and my course was inspiring. It reminded me that collaboration across the curriculum speaks volumes and is a powerful learning tool. Plus, Scott and Missy are excellent and dedicated music educators. I adore anytime that I can spend time with them.

Highlight from Day 5

Last page of the ebook that made me cry happy tears. Was very touched.

The highlight from Day 5 was the “Show What You Know” presentations from all of the educators. They presented so many ideas that I will use this year with my students. There were many mic dropping moments. For example, videos made with Screencastify and uploaded to Edpuzzle to use as assessment tools. In addition, an ebook full of technology tools that had labels such as, “Can’t Wait”, “Sign Me Up”, and “Woah!” I am so proud of these music educators. They truly get it. These educators see where technology should be implemented. They understand that, as Missy has stated, “doing music” is the most important part of music class and these tools can be used to engage, enhance, and extend the learning.*


My bonus moment of the day was folk dancing in Missy’s class! Scott’s class joined Missy’s on their final day for the portion of the class where Missy’s educators had to teach a folk dance. I loved every second of this! I learned new dances and wonderful ways to teach each dance.

Missy and Scott teach throughout the remainder of the summer. I can be found at numerous conferences and teaching a course or two over a summer. Please come join us when we teach. We would love to have you in our classes and learn from each other. The best type of summer PD there is!

*This is known as the Triple E framework found in Liz Kolb’s book, “Learning First, Technology Second: The Educator’s Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons“.

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