The teachers in my course are rockin‘ it! Their students are so lucky to have them as they are teachers who understand that students learn in multiple ways and that our goal is for every student to be able to create and make music.

Highligh from Day 2

I feel that the highlight from Day 2 would be how to utilize Chrome Music Lab and Groove Pizza in any grade level. Younger students can sing and create melodies with it, even with one device and a screen/SMART Board in the room. I love that you can sing into the song maker, as well as create by moving the rectangles onto the screen. Older students can explore science, math, and music with both Chrome Music Lab and Groove Pizza. In addition, it is wonderful that Groove Pizza allows you to export your drum beats so you can share them into other programs. It was wonderful to see all of the music making!


Dr. Scott Watson and Dr. Missy Strong are both here this week teaching morning courses in elementary band and music and movement (respectfully). Last night, the morning classes had their one additional evening class. Scott needed more musicians for his reading lab, so he found us some instruments to play. It was so much fun playing flute on new band literature (new to me) and it wonderful to see Missy play the bass drum!

Having fun in Scott’s Reading Session!

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