Monday kicked off the week long course for elementary music educators teaching in a 1:1 Chromebook setting. This course is geared for music educators and shows how to successfully integrate technology into their classrooms with any curriculum or methodologies they use.

Highlight from Day 1

Each day, I will post one highlight from the course. Monday’s was finding all of the accessibility hacks on the Chromebook. When I went to ISTE, I saw Lisa Thumann present on this topic and she was so nice to give me permission to share her presentation with the class.

Some of our favorite hacks from her presentation are:

  • Keyboard shortcuts, like turning off Chrome Vox (Ctrl + Alt + z)
  • Quickly signing off the Chromebook (Shift + Ctrl+ q (twice))
  • Speak to text
  • CC in google slides
  • Mouse highlighter
  • Screencastify
Demonstrating Screencastify with Lisa’s presentation.

Day 2

Day 2 will bring about more doing music and creativity. Stay tuned!

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