It was a great day beginning the process to become ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) certified. The annual ISTE conference is in Philadelphia and Eduscape offers the two-day certification workshop during this weekend before the conference. The process is an intense study that begins with the two-day workshop, then eight weeks of online training, ending with six months of work to produce the final online digital portfolio.


Today’s focus was on pedagogy. This might have been surprising as one would think that the focus would be on technology. However, if you follow ISTE’s educator and student standards, the focus is on the pedagogy. By addressing and working towards teaching the standards, you achieve having a classroom where students are empowered learners, digital citizens, creative, and more. It also assists you in using technology to transform learning and student outcomes.


#ISTE 2019 is here! I am so happy to attend as I have not attended this conference in over 10 years. It is exciting to see how educators are utilizing educational technology successfully in their classrooms. I am also happy to reconnect with many of my music education technology colleagues that will be there attending and presenting.

Not able to attend ISTE?

The #NotAtISTE19 and the #NotAtISTE twitter hashtags are a wonderful way to experience the conference from the comfort of your home. Last year, I was able to find many gems. One example was I learned how to create a music assessment app using google slides. In addition, many apps’ and program updates are this week and premiered at ISTE.

I look forward to another day of our certification workshop and then beginning the ISTE conference! I hope to see you at the conference!

My good friend and science teacher, Mary Wagner, enjoying our time in the ISTE Certification Workshop.
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