ISTE Certification Day 2 was another excellent, thought provoking day! Though I am mentally exhausted as I write this, I am also feeling rejuvenated. The content from today challenged me and made me rethink the way I consider standards in regards to lesson planning.


The second day continued to focus on the pedagogy of teaching with technology. We continued to follow the approach found in Liz Kolb’s Learning First, Technology Second. As we collaborated together to evaluate standards and lesson planning, I was reminded that when we include a technology standard, the students should be fully achieving the standard. I admit that I am guilty of including standards that are only touched upon in a lesson. My lessons end up with a plethora of standards. However, when I stop to evaluate what standards the students truly accomplish, I realize that the lesson becomes more organized and relevant. Today was a good reminder for me to always keep my mind open to learning and relearning items.


The topic of assessment was studied today as well. However, it was not about the technological tool that could be used for assessment. It was about the heart of the assessment: How are you assessing them? What are you asking them to do? How are you going to prove that they did what they did? Again, it made me reevaluate the purpose of assessment, especially in the music classroom. With those questions answered, then the tool you use enhances and assists with the assessment. For example, if I am assessing my young students on singing in tune, and I ask myself how am I going to prove that they did that, then I would look for a tool that best fits the need. I would choose an audio or video recorder assessment tool such as my device’s camera, Seesaw, the GarageBand app, the iDoceo app, Soundtrap, or an online website like


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