This summer, I have the pleasure of teaching at Central Connecticut State University’s Summer Music Institute (SMI). I am always honored to teach a summer course there as it is where I spent many summers earning my Masters of Science in Music Education. SMI is directed by Dr. Carlotta Parr, who many who have earned their degrees know her has an expert in the field of music education, an inspiring counselor, and an amazing teacher.

July 8-12: Elementary Movement and Technology

I am so excited that this summer, Dr. Missy Strong, the President-Elect of the Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME), and I are teaching at SMI during the week of July 8-12. Missy is teaching Movement in the Elementary Classroom and I am teaching Chromebooks in the Elementary General Music Classroom.

Movement in the Elementary Classroom

Missy’s course will run in the morning from 8:00-12:30. It will focus on neuroscience and movement with young children. I have seen Missy present twice on neuroscience and early childhood music. She explains it quite well. In addition, she assists music educators with understanding how brain research is important when teaching music to young children.

Chromebooks in the Elementary General Music Classroom

My course will run during the afternoon from 1:15-5:45. My course will focus on how to balance your current elementary music methodology in a 1:1 Chromebook atmosphere. I will show successful examples from my elementary music classroom. I will also help music educators with how to integrate technology effectively into the music classroom while not taking away from actively “doing music”. Whether you utilize Orff Schulwerk, Kodály, or Feierabend approach, this class addresses all three. It also shows how to balance technology with the methodology.

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