Podcasts have been around for years, but recently there have been a variety of great ones for music education. One excellent podcast is MusicFirst’s Profiles in Teaching with Technology, hosted by the Director of MusicFirst, my good friend Dr. Jim Frankel.

Integrating Technology Effectively into the Elementary Music Classroom

I was honored to be interviewed by Jim for the 8th episode. In this interview, we discuss the benefits of integrating technology into the elementary music classroom. Furthermore, we speak to how to effectively integrate technology as a tool with various approaches. In addition, with the focus of enhancing your current curriculum and not taking away from “doing music”. This is something that I have been passionate about since the late 1990s and have written and presented several articles, workshops, and keynotes on the topic. Please listen to the episode and let me know your thoughts!

Check Out Other MusicFirst Episodes

There are seven other episodes that feature teachers all using technology in wonderful ways to enhance learning in the classroom. This is a great podcast to subscribe to as it focuses on teachers who are currently using the tools successfully and can give their firsthand experience. There are more episodes to come. If you utilize technology or are thinking about how to use it in the classroom, check out this podcast!

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