This month’s edition of NJMEA’s Tempo has some excellent articles for the elementary music educator. Check it out below. Here are some highlights:

Creating Musical ebooks by Amy M. Burns (pg 48)

This article  gives examples about how to use the app and cloud-based program, Book Creator, to create ebooks. My students have used this successfully to create ebooks about recorder tips, pitch explorations, a showcase of their compositions, and “All About Me” ebooks. When the books are created, they can be exported as videos so that their audio and video recordings stay intact. If you would like to see these examples in action, check out my website,, and click on a grade level.

Feierabend Fundamentals by Andrew Himelick (pg 54)

This amazing book, which was released last July, goes in depth about the fundamentals of Dr. Feierabend’s approach found in his First Steps and Conversational Solfege series. Dr. Feierabend, along with master music educators such as Kevin Boyle, Lillie Feierabend, Betsy Greene, Connie Greenwood, Rachel Grimsby, Andrew Himelick, Lindsay Jackson, Craig Knapp, Chris Anne Powers, Stephanie Schall-Brazee, and Dr. Missy Strong, authored this book to help teachers explore further the process of how they can help develop their students into becoming tuneful, beatful, and artful musicians.

Personalized Learning – Part 2 by Megan Endicott (pg. 33)

Megan Endicott, a music educator at Dolvin Elementary School in Georgia, continues to explain how to progress your classroom’s learning environment into an individualized learning space for your students. She explains how to move away from the “one size fits all” in teaching and to move towards more personal and individualized instruction. She gives examples of programs, apps, and strategies she has successfully used to achieve personalized learning in her classroom.

Differentiated Collaboration for Arts Integration by Shawna Longo (pg. 56)

Shawna Longo, the 2019 Technology for Music Education (TI:ME) Teacher of the Year, speaks to how to increase student engagement and deepen student learning. Shawna gives a wonderful step-by-step process on how educators can begin to collaborate together so that they can successfully achieve an integrated lesson, unit, project, or curriculum.

Check out the latest issue of NJMEA’s Tempo, by clicking on it below or visiting In addition, stay tuned for a new free webinar about the technology applications used to achieve more “doing music” in the elementary music classroom that could not be done in traditional ways. This webinar will showcase items and tools from my music classroom as long as students’ works.



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