ITcover Fall 2016

Recently, the art teacher at Far Hills Country Day School, Kathryn Brower, and I wrote an article for Independent Teacher, a publication by the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS), titled “Learning Empathy Through the Arts in the Elementary Grades.” This article focuses on how students can seek understanding of their world through empathy if we give them a context they can relate to, like art and music, through which they have the freedom to explore all their questions. Check out the article here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! May it be peaceful and relaxing!



Learning Empathy Through the Arts in the Elementary Grades

In recent years, there have been numerous articles suggesting that empathy needs to be taught in schools. There are many reasons why incorporating empathy into the school curriculum benefits students. These reasons range from strengthening your classroom community to developing your students’ leadership skills so they may use them in their future community.


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