In the past few years, chromebooks have become a popular choice for schools to provide to their students. Due to the affordability of chromebooks and that more programs are becoming web-based, I believe that more schools will be utilizing chromebooks in a 1:1 atmosphere. 1:1 is when students have a device that they carry with them or is provided to them throughout the school day.

In this webinar, I show numerous websites, apps, etc, that students can use to actively make music, show what they know, and reflect on their musical experiences and knowledge. Though there are more apps than the ones that I show, this webinar gives you a great starting point. I do show a plethora of sites and apps, so please remember that this is like a dessert buffet: if you eat everything, you will regret it and get sick. Try just one or maybe two items in this webinar so that you do not regret it and do no get sick.


If you are a NJMEA member, you can earn 2 PD credits for participating in this webinar. To earn the credits, you need to send me a summary of the ten tools and to answer the following the question at the end of the webinar. You can submit it to me here.


0-5:00 Introduction

5:00 Screencastify

8:00 Incredibox

11:00 Buttonbass

12:00 Chrome Music Lab

19:18 online-voice-recorder apart of

23:00 Staff Wars


28:13 Color Piano Chrome Extension

28:32 Google Classroom

33:26 Google Forms

37:00 Socrative

40:00 Kahoot!

49:00 Seesaw

57:30 Flipgrid

59:00 Book Creator

01:11:00 NoteflightSoundtrapWhalesynth

01:29:00 Conclusion


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