As a countdown to the 2019 school year, I created a list of “Ten Tech Tools to Assist an Elementary Music Teacher for a Concert”. Each day, a blog post highlighted the tech tool. I have placed the webinar here (see below) and on my website.


This webinar is a thorough one. Coming in at two hours, it is a lengthy webinar. However, it covers the ten tech tools more than the blog posts cover them.

Breaking Down the Webinar

Here is a breakdown so that you can sift through and watch the parts that interests you the most.

0:00-3:54 – Intro

3:54-18:10 – #10: Audacity

18:10-32:29 – #9: Soundtrap

32:29-40:02 – #8: iTunes Remote App

40:02-49:06 – #7: Seesaw

49:06-1:01:42 – #6: Kahoot!

1:01:42-1:07:36 – #5: Your device’s camera (UploadCam App)

1:07:36-1:21:51 – #4: YouTube

1:21:51-1:33:08 – #3: Social Media

1:33:08-1:41:49 – #2: Seesaw Activities

1:41:49-2:00:20 – #1: Presentation Apps

2:00:20 – End – Bonus and PD

PD Credits

If you are a NJMEA member, you can earn 2 PD credits for participating in this webinar. To earn the credits, you need to send me a summary of the ten tools and to answer the following the question at the end of the webinar. You can submit it to me here.

Stay Tuned!

In the next couple of months, I will be presenting sessions at Texas and Maryland’s music education conferences. They will involve PreK music, elementary music assessment, free technology resources, STEAM, creating and composing, and integration across the curriculum. If you are attending these conferences, please stop by and hi!



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