This week, James Corden showed the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney. They spent the day in Liverpool, where Paul spent his childhood. There are so many wonderful moments in this segment from them singing many classics and a new hit, to the 5:14 mark where Paul speaks about his inspiration for writing “Let It Be”.

I adored this segment for so many reasons. I loved it when Paul speaks about the inspiration for writing “Let It Be” and then listening to them sing the song. James is so moved by the song. Paul reminds him about the power of music. I also loved Paul showing James his childhood house. He brings him to the room where he and John Lennon wrote songs. Paul recalls how his dad reacted when listening to “She Loves Me” and suggested about leaving out the “Americanisms” (9:15 mark).

This would be a great video to show students in music class (if you are allowed to show a video). If you are working on a unit about rock n’roll, or the Beatles, or music composition, this video shows how a music legend wrote his music, is still performing, and shows that there is no stopping him.




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