One of the websites that I have adored, as well as my elementary music students, is Music K-8 Kids Fun Stuff, found at This website is a part of the Music K8 series published by Plank Road Publishing. At one point, the Music K-8 Kids website was for students to be able to subscribe and purchase single copies of song files from the Music K8 library at a very low price. However, that service was discontinued. The Music K-8 Kids Fun Stuff still remains and has some wonderfully educational and applicable sites for the elementary music classroom. Here are some highlights. Please note that many of the items require Flash.

Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart


The interactive recorder fingering chart allows the teacher or student to click the note on the staff and the recorder will display the fingering and sound. This is wonderful for a variety of reasons.

  1. You could have this website set up at a station where a group of students are asked to learn a song. They can use this site to reference their recorder fingerings.
  2. You could email or place on the student’s learning journal or blended learning platform (we use Seesaw and Google Classroom) this link so that they can access it when they want to practice at home.

Recorder Skills Test


The students can test their fingering skills on soprano, alto, tenor, or bass Baroque recorder. Once you select the appropriate recorder, and then click on “Test Your Knowledge”, the test will display a note name. For example, it will read “Finger A”. The student can click on the holes that correspond with A and then click on, “Click to see if correct.” If they are correct, they can move on. If they are not correct, they can try again or skip the question. This is a wonderful assessment tool for a classroom with one computer projected onto a screen, a station, a classroom with a few computers/chromebooks, or a 1:1 chromebook classroom.

Play Boomwhackers®


This site defaults to a chromatic boomwhacker virtual set. When you click on the boomwhacker, it will move and perform the note’s sound. If you would like a diatonic set, just click on, “Click to play Diatonic set only.” This is helpful because it adds another set of boomwhackers to your classroom, especially if you hook the computer up to a decent pair of speakers. In addition, the delay in clicking the boomwhacker and the boomwhacker responding with a sound is almost non-existent (depending on various factors such as device and the speed of the network).

There are also some fun coloring pages, free song files, a matching game, videos, and more. This site is a little treasure that is not as well known as some other websites.


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