Musical U, a website and community dedicated to helping people become more musical, recently interviewed my good friend, Richard McCready. Richard teaches Music Technology at River Hill High School in Maryland. He has an amazing passion for teaching and for music technology. When you walk into his classroom, you have a sense that his students love it and create a lot of music. I also had the pleasure of presenting a workshop to the district’s elementary music educators on how to integrate technology into the music classroom.

Creating, Composing, and Computers, with Richard McCready by 

This is an excellent article. It speaks to how music technology can bring music education to those students that do not have interest in chorus, band, or orchestra. I love reading about Richard’s origins in music technology, especially when he mentions Super Duper Music Looper (such a great program!).

Take a read here:

Creating, Composing, and Computers, with Richard McCready | Musical U

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