Seesaw, the student digital learning portfolio, just added a new feature to the Activities Tab. They have created a Seesaw Activities Library that has numerous activities contributed by Seesaw Ambassadors. These activities can be assigned to students.

New Features

The new features of the Seesaw Activities Library are:

  • There are a plethora of new activities.
  • These activities are categorized by grade level and subject.
  • You can click the heart button to add the activity to “My Library”.
  • You can click the heart a second time to add it to a collection that you create.
  • When you click on the activity, you can schedule to share it with your classes.
  • You can also share the activity with Seesaw Library, School Library, Social Media, get the link to the activity, or get the embed code to the activity.
    • The difference between a link and an embed code is that when you place an activity link on a website or in an email, the viewer must click on it to activate the activity. When you place an embed code, the activity appears on the website or in the email.
  • There are limitations if you are using the free version vs. the plus version and the Seesaw for Schools. However, this mostly occurs with how many activities you can save in your collections.

To learn how to use the activities in the music classroom, check out a webinar I created for NJ music educators here. This new library of Seesaw activities written and used by educators is a wonderful resource for any educator.

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