As much as I would like to view everything from #NotAtISTE18, it is challenging to do because there is so much being offered. It is also wonderful that many presenters are offering daily give aways and other items for those who cannot attend. It gives us the opportunity to experience #ISTE2018 when we cannot be there.

Padlet Discount

For a very limited time, Padlet is offering a discount for their service. Recently, they changed their pricing plans. They had a very generous free version that they could no longer sustain. They reduced their Basic Plan (free version) to three paldlets for a new user. I believe that if you are already a user, they capped your padlets to three more than the number of boards that you already have in exisistence.

Currently, they are offering this:




There is one more day to receive the discount. If you enjoy Padlet, act now to receive this discount.

Book Creator Announcement

This one made me smile:

Book Creator will soon (reportedly in July) allow you to embed content from other apps! On their twitter account, they were stating that this will be for their mobile app as well as their web-based app.

I am so excited about this! Your music students can create books about composers and you could embed google maps into the book to show where the composer was born, where the composer lived when he/she was composing, and where the composer lived throughout his/her life.

Google Classroom Updates 

I adore Richard Byrne’s blog “Free Technology for Teachers”. Yesterday, he blogged about five updates to Google Classroom. If you use Google Classroom in your music classroom, these updates are great to know:

Creating Your Own App Using Google Slides 

I found this one on the #NotAtISTE18 Google Community. This has a lot of potential in the music classroom. The premise of this is using google slides to link to other slides. A “Choose Your Own Adventure” or “Jeopardy” type of app. In addition, it shows how to customize the screen to fit on a mobile device. Here are some ways that this can be used:

  • You can have younger students start a very basic coding activity with this where they create music songtales or stories. They can take pictures of songtales and create their own digital app.
  • You can create a note naming Jeopardy game (I am doing this now), where older elementary name notes and add up their own scores (math connection). This could be an assessment tool.
  • You have older elementary create a rhythm or note naming game for younger students. This is one I would like to try because it includes students feeling and utilizing ownership, creativity, empathy, musical skills, coding, and more.


Here are some more ways to experience ISTE from the comfort of your own home.











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