After two Nor’Easters barreled through NJ taking down trees and power lines, my school has shut down until after spring break. This was no surprise to me as when I leave to present at a conference, my school tends to have a snow day in my absence. Though, this was a very extreme snow day! The upside is that since my girls have no school and my friends and family are trying to get back on the grid, they get to come with me!

I will be presenting five sessions at Maryland Music Education Association (MMEA) for the next two days. Please join me and my girls as I present on the following, all technology/elementary music related:

Friday, March 9:

9:00-10:10 Free Internet Resources for Elementary Music Educators Rm 306

10:25-11:35 Integrating Across the Curriculum

12:50-2:00 Using Technology to Assess in Elementary Music Rm 306

Saturday, March 10:

12:50-2:00 Creating and Composing in the Elementary Music Classroom

3:40-4:50 STEAM in the Elementary Music Classroom


Find out what these items below are and how they would be used in am elementary music classroom!

Hope to see you there!

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