This past week, Seesaw ( updated their iOS and web-based app to include the Activities tab. This is a game changer for Seesaw. With the Activities tab, you can assign students (some or all) an assignment to complete and submit back to you. No longer will your students need to “copy and edit” the activity, though they still can if you choose. You can also assign the activity to certain students to differentiate your instruction. Finally, Seesaw will show you who has submitted the activity and who needs to complete it.

Activity Library:

Activities are included in the library, divided by grade level. You can search the library and customize an activity that is already there. In addition, you can create your own activity that can then be shared across classes and grade levels. This is wonderful for elementary music educators who teach multiple grade levels. In Seesaw for Schools, the activity library can be shared with other teachers in the school.


Since the release of this new Activities feature, there have been many wonderful resources to assist any educator with learning how to use it. Here are a few:

I created this webinar for elementary music teachers to give them ideas for how to use it in their classrooms – Seesaw Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom:

As always, NJMEA members can receive PD credit if they send me a summary of the PD and answer the question presented at the end of the PD.

Want a free month of Seesaw Plus? Try it here:










This is another game changer for Seesaw!

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