I first tried flipping my elementary music classroom from watching my good friend, Cherie Herring (http://www.cphmusic.net/), do this with her elementary music classroom. I was inspired watching her flip her recorder curriculum which resulted in her students practicing more at home and sending her numerous recorder videos so that they progressed further during music class.


In this webinar, I show how to create flipped videos using the Explain Everything App. This app has a classic version for iOS that is $9.99. You can use it as simply as an interactive whiteboard to more complex uses like creating tutorial videos to place on your students’ Seesaw pages, Google Classrooms, or other alternatives. The classic app works well for a one-time price being used by a teacher as a teaching tool. However, there is also the subscription-based app that can do so much more for the teacher and the students, which its biggest feature is collaboration. The subscription-based apps works on iOSChromeWindows, and Android. The subscription-based versions have a 30-day free trial which gives you the opportunity to check out all of its features. As with anything, if you use this with the purpose to create products for sale on teacher sites, please make sure that you have permission to use any audio files or images.

If you are earning PD for this webinar, please follow the directions at the end of the webinar.

This is an update from last year’s post about this topic. With iOS11 now out, Explain Everything updated their app to add some nice convenient features. Please check the webinar out below or at amymburns.com/webinar.

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