Back in 2014, I released the first in a Help! Series for elementary music teachers that would assist them with integrating technology into their music classrooms. This series includes Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with a Smart Board!Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with One or more iPads, and the next in the series, Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher that needs Free Technology Resources!, which will include lesson plans using free resources for iPads and Chromebooks.

Update to Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with a Smart Board!

Recently, Smarttech, the makers of the SMART Board and the Notebook software, updated the software to version 17. With this new update, they had to discontinue a couple of items. One was many activities that were located in the Lesson Activity Toolkit. These activities were flash-based and Smarttech switched over to the HTML5 format. Another item was the clicker system. Smarttech now allows the students to use their devices to login and participate in the activity/game/assessment, so that there is no need for the previous clicker system.

Free SMART Board Elementary Music Lessons

The flash-based activities mentioned above included many great ones like hangman, sentence arrange, anagram, and more. When I created this free ebook resource, I created many lessons using these flash-based activities. When I downloaded Notebook 17, many of those lessons no longer worked. Some lessons were automatically updated to their new SMART Lab activities, which include the devices and are very good. Some would not update. Therefore, I rewrote some so that the lesson manipulatives would work with the new version.

Downloading the book and lessons

Today, I uploaded the book with the updated files. I did not update the content of the book yet. It is still the 2014 version. However, the files are now the original (2014 for those running Notebook 16 or earlier) and the newly added updated files (for Notebook 2017). In the future, I will update the book to include how to create files in the new SMART Lab and how to utilize it in a classroom that is 1:1 and a classroom that is not 1:1.

To download the free ebook with the lessons, click here.

To download the free Notebook files (versions 2014 and 2017) that go along with the lessons, please click here.

I hope that the ebook and the files help you in your classroom!

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