logo pages 1 and 2_2It was great to visit the New York State School of Music Association (NYSSMA) winter conference in Rochester, NY. I arrived very late Friday night. I woke up early to present two sessions about integrating technology into the elementary music classroom.

The conference is a great one and I love coming back to it annually. I am an alum of Ithaca College and our clarinet choir traveled to NYSSMA way back in the 90s. When I go to NYSSMA, it is wonderful to catch up with people and to network with numerous music educators who are doing great things in their schools.

During my presentations, I tell the participants that I will give them a “dessert buffet” of ideas. This means that they can take one idea from the presentation because eating everything in the buffet would be too much to handle. I try to reach everyone in the room and show numerous and effective ideas and ways to integrate technology into the elementary music classroom while keeping the music curriculum in tact.

To see the materials from my two sessions, please visit http://amymburns.com/resources/.




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