img_0798The year is just about over, but it is never too late to follow some great websites and social media music education groups that can enhance your knowledge of how to integrate technology into the elementary music classroom. Whether you want to find some information webinars or are looking for some free resources, there is a lot of info that can assist an elementary music educator with technology in the classroom. Here are a few that I use and assist me greatly:

  • – Richard Byrne’s Excellent website for all things free, tech, and education. He also does a great job explaining how to utilize numerous technological tools for the classroom.
  • – Katie Wardrobe’s website which includes lesson plans, webinars, and more. Her tutorials on how to use certain technology tools is the classroom are topnotch.
  • – Karen Garrett’s website is a staple for technology in the elementary music classroom. She includes lesson plans and resources that assist you when integrating tech into the classroom. In addition, her quizzes and games are fabulous for the elementary music classroom. You can use them in a 1:1 classroom or a classroom with one device connected to a projector.
  • – Cherie Herring’s website with ways and freebies of how she uses technology in the elementary music classroom. She teaches in a 1:1 iPad elementary school and she is a certified SMART board trainer. Her SMART board lessons are excellent and you can find some of them on her website and some on her Teachers Pay Teachers page.
  • – Aileen Miracle’s website has just about everything an elementary music educator might be looking for in terms of ideas, lesson plans, explanations of units, assessments, current educational trends, and so much more. This specific link leads to her posts that involve technology. It is a great resource.
  • – This is my website and there are a plethora of free lessons integrating tech into the elementary music classroom, ideas for the classrooms, students’ works, and so much more. logo pages 1 and 2_2

And some great social media sites for elementary music educators to find tech resources from other music educators:

  • Music Teacher Face book Group – This group has over 17,000 music educators involved in it. If you have a question, it will be very likely that you will receive numerous answers within the hour.
  • Elementary Music Teachers Face book Group – This group along with the Primary Music Education Facebook Group are groups that are geared towards music educators teaching younger students. You can ask music tech questions to these groups and you will find some great advice.
  • Primary Music Education Facebook Group
  • I Teach Music Technology! Facebook Group – This group is geared more towards teaching older students, but it is still a great resource.
  • Twitter hashtags of #mused #musedchat and especially #edtech and #elmused give you numerous twitter feeds that involve posts, websites, resources, etc about music education  and elementary music ed.

Have a healthy and happy 2017!


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