Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.34.53 AMI am so excited to be in San Antonio Texas this week presenting for my sixth time at the Texas Music Educators Music Association (TMEA) annual conference in coordination with the Technology for Music Education (TI:ME) National Conference. Today is the preconference day, which focuses on music technology. However, those who are attending should not think about this day as how to use music technology. I would encourage attendees to look at this day as one of music creativity, music education, and music performance. The technology that one will see today is shown to enhance the current classroom. It is to show the possibilities of what we can do in the classroom.

To see today’s lineup, Floyd Richmond, current President of TI:ME, has posted it here. If you are here today, please check out my two sessions today:

  • 12:30 CC 213 Amy Burns – Lesson Plans: Elementary General Music Classroom with iPads
  • 1:45 CC 210 Amy Burns and Cherie Herring – Saddle Up Your Music Class: Giddy Up, SAMR!

Please check out the TI:ME booth to see how they can assist you in your classroom. My handouts are up on my website,



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