At the beginning of the school year, I like to access a website june_10_2016like, to write my future self a letter that will be delivered to me on the last day of school. In this letter, I write out my goals for my classroom and students, my professional goals, and my personal goals. When I do this, it helps me organize and prioritize my goals for the school year. It also holds me to them because I have written them down and know that I will see them at the end of the school year. Do I achieve every goal? No. Do I make mistakes when trying to achieve the goals? Yes. When I do make mistakes, I reflect on how to improve on them and place them in next year’s letter.

A few year’s back, the seniors in the Norwell School District had to write their future self a letter with these purposes:

  1. To provide a record of your life and who you are now
  2. To anchor in time your current views, attitudes, philosophy, and outlook
  3. To explore your feelings and opinions about a variety of issues
  4. To create a document that, years from now, will have significant value to you.

To see the full assignment, click here.

If you were to write your future self a letter to be delivered on the last day of school, what would you write? I hope that you will try it this school year.


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