iPads in the Elementary Music Classroom: Day 3 – Creation Apps

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From http://www.teachingquality.org/content/blogs/bill-ferriter/technology-tool-not-learning-outcome
From http://www.teachingquality.org/content/blogs/bill-ferriter/technology-tool-not-learning-outcome

During our third day of class, we explored apps for creating music and assessing performance. Some of our favorite apps were Loopy, Book Creator, and Aurasma. With Loopy, we were able to create music by recording our own loops and making music with those loops. With Book Creator, we were able to create ebooks and experience how we could have our students create ebooks for musical assessments. Finally, with Aurasma, we explored how to bring a music lesson to the next level. We could set up items in our classroom that the students could bring to life with Aurasma. Or have the students create auras for composers, where the composers’ pictures are the “trigger” items that reveal a video of the composers’ music.

These three apps can be used to enhance a music classroom in creating music, making music, and assessing musical concepts and skills. As we explore numerous apps this week, we are reminded that technology is a tool, and not a learning outcome. Is technology can assist in assisting the students with performing, making, composing, or creating music, then it is worthwhile to utilize that technological tool.




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