Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.39.10 AMDuring our class today at CCSU, we explored many music creation apps. Some of our favorites were GarageBand, Monkey Drum, Moozart, and Soundtrap. GarageBand’s features of using loops to create a song in a specified form to record music and using virtual instruments from its app and other apps, made it a favorite. Monkey Drum can assist the students with creating and performing music. Moozart is a younger elementary-friendly way to notate music on the staff. Soundtrap is surreal. It is like google docs and garageband combined. You can use it on the computer or a mobile device, you can use loops to create music, you can record your own music, you can work with it in the cloud, and you can collaborate with other musicians in other places in the country and the world to create music. Soundtrap also has an educational plan so that if you decide to use it in your classroom, you students’ accounts would stay safe.

Our evening class consisted of a wonderful jamhub presentation by Dan Beal, an elementary music teacher in Lawrenceville, NJ. His enthusiasm for teaching and his knowledge of using technology to bring out each student’s inner musician, was infectious. We then ended the class by performing Help! by the Beatles using instruments and iPads in the clas sroom.

Tomorrow, we will be using the iPads to explore recording apps and assessment apps.amy_sig

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