The items in this post are connected to my 10 Amazing Technologies clinic that I performed at the Band Directors Workshop on June 9 at Capital University. This clinic was focused on technologies that I personally use to make myself more efficient and organized as a collegiate Band Director and Music Professor.

TEN AMAZING Technologies to Make You More Efficient as a Band Director:

  1. SIRI (and now Cortana) –really smart phones
    1. HOT TIP – Don’t write down items any more –take a picture!
  2. Google Spreadsheet for Adjudication or anything else
    2. –readable URL linking
  3. Google Forms
    2. Feedback through Surveys
    3. Flubaroo (add-on)
  4. Spotify Playlists
  5. Bluetooth Devices
  6. Facebook Groups for Students
    1. For Staff
  7. REMIND Texting
  8. PDF Protect
  9. Apple TV and Chromecast
  10. ScanSnap
  • Bonus: Quizlet – make amazing quizzes complete with assessment and learning tools!
  • Bonus 2: Form letters using MS WORD and Excel – the end all in e-mail communication!

Dr. Joseph Pisano

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