The following information are items that I covered in my session at the Music for All Summer Symposium on June 25, 2015. This session covered advanced topics related to the Google Services, and in particular, Google Apps.

Flip a coin? Roll the Dice? – Just Google it!

Advanced Google Searching:
Better Searching PDF

Acquire a Google account (with a gmail account or without):
My Example (mostly Jazz)


Sync your Google Calendar (or email, contacts, etc.) with anything -EASY INSTRUCTIONS

Google Drive:
15 Gigabytes free and Access to Google Documents

Google Drive Mobile:
For most mobile devices

Google Apps:

The Forms/Survey/Collection Combo:
Using Google forms to collect data or responses for/from your band may be the “best thing since sliced bread”!

  • Setting up a form for information collection
  • Setting up a form data collection
    • “Show Summary of Responses” -under the form menu item

Don’t forget -APPS are GREAT, but the ADD-ONS are just RIDICULOUSLY GREAT!

Add-ons can be installed directly from each Google product by selecting the “Add-ons” menu item in each individual program. All of the installed apps can be managed and/or removed from the same “Add-ons” menu items.

Add-ons covered in this session:

  • Drive
    • (comment on videos)
  •  Docs
    • Clip art (add pictures to docs -searchable)
  • Spreadsheet
    • Autocrat (create form letters and mass emailings)
    • Twitter Curator (save or post about your favorite tweets)
    • Flubaroo (auto-grade assignments)
    • Doctopus (distribute assignments to your students)

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