Welcome! This blog carnival is a collection of blogs from music educators Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.54.47 PMfound around the world that submitted them over this past month. This month’s blog carnival is a wonderfully eclectic collection of posts that range from ideas and items for your music classroom, to temporarily leaving the classroom to pursue doctoral work in music education, to how music can respond to current events. I appreciate all of the contributors to the September 2014 Music Education Blog Carnival!

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iPad Apps in the Music Classroom

Help! I am an Elementary Music Educator with One or more iPads! by Amy M. Burns (https://mustech.net/2014/08/help-i-am-an-elementary-music-teacher-with-one-or-more-ipads/) – Amy introduces her newest free iBook in her Help! Series for elementary music educators. Amy is an elementary music educator at Far Hills Country Day School in New Jersey, author of three books, a current author for the newest Silver Burdett Series, and a clinician.

Apps to Add to Your Collection by Catie Dwinal (http://celticnovelist.com/2014/08/23/apps-to-add-to-your-collection/) – Catie describes four wonderful apps to use in the elementary music classroom from coding to performing on the ukulele. Catie is an elementary music educator who recently joined the Quaver Team!


Elementary Music Classroom Lesson

Hook them from the first day! by Shelley Tomich (http://www.pitchhill.com/blog/hook-them-from-the-first-day) – Shelley gives you a wonderful lesson that you could use to break the ice on the first day (or any day) of music classes in grades 1-3. Shelley is the creator of Pitch Hill and has been teaching elementary music for 12 years in a suburb of Atlanta, GA.


Guitar in the Music Classroom

Anyone Can Play Guitar by Jon Clark (http://mymusicclassesrock.blogspot.co.nz/2014/08/can-anyone-play-guitar.html) – Jon discusses how his year 7-8 students move from ukulele to guitar and the materials used to make that transition. Jon teaches music in an intermediate school in New Zealand and plays semi-professionally in the evenings.


Assessment in the Music Classroom

A Rubric for Project-Based Music Classes by Will Kuhn (http://willkuhn.com/2014/08/11/a-rubric-for-project-based-music-classes/) – Will gives a great example of grading and giving feedback on high school music tech projects that also directly feeds data into the SLOs for the school year. Will teaches Music Technology at Lebanon High School and also serves as District Music Coordinator for Lebanon City Schools. His school’s Electronic Music Group as been invited to perform at numerous regional and state conventions.


Continuing Education

Worlds Colliding by Sarah Minette (http://musingsofsminey.blogspot.com/2014/08/worlds-colliding.html) – Sarah shares her experience of temporarily leaving the middle school band classroom to begin her doctoral work in music education as well as being a teaching assistant and a university supervisor. Sarah is currently a saxophonist who is pursuing her doctorate at Arizona State University and has taught middle school band for 11 years.


Current Events

Music, Expression, & Responding to Current Events: Michael Brown & Ferguson by Evan S. Tobias (http://evantobias.net/2014/08/17/music-expression-responding-to-current-events-michael-brown-ferguson/) – Evan reflects on how people use music to mediate their feelings, perspectives, and to make meaning of situations. He gives some powerful musical examples of musicians responding to current events. Evan Tobias is Assistant Professor of Music Education at Arizona State University where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and heads the Consortium for Digital, Popular, and Participatory Culture in Music Education (CDPPCME) @ ASU, which he founded in 2009. He is also a member of the ASU Music Education Music, Learning, and Society Research Group. Prior to his appointment at ASU, Dr. Tobias taught a technology in music education course at DePaul University and middle school instrumental and general music in New York.




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