Help_I_am_an_elementary_music_teacher_with_one_or_more_iPads2.225x225-75I am thrilled to see my second free iBook in the “Help! Series of music technology for elementary music educators” is now available through iTunes. This second installment is titled Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with One or more iPads! This free resource includes the logistics of the iPad, from projecting it wirelessly to a screen to setting up guided access with a passcode so that your students cannot close out of the app or click on the advertisements. It also includes sections on one iPad in the elementary music room, to a few iPads in the elementary music classroom, to an 1:1 elementary music classroom. Each section gives you ideas on how to utilize the iPad in these three scenarios as well as many lesson plans. There are also videos included in each section to show how the app works or to show how the app is used with the lesson plan. Finally, this iBook ends with links to resources that include expert bloggers who frequently post on this topic to a list of over 100 apps and their uses in the elementary music classroom. An elementary music educator could use this book to skim through sections that pertain to him/her or could read the book from front to back. To see excerpts/topics from the book, please check out a series of blog posts I created in July and were posted here on this site.

The other book in the series is titled Help! I Am an Elementary Music Teacher With a Smart Board!which is also a free resource that takes an elementary music educator from being a novice with the SMART Board to an advance user of the SMART Board. It comes with free downloadable lessons as well.

If you download and use this book, I hope that it assists you well. If you like the book, please tell a colleague. If you use materials from this book in a presentation or workshop, please note that the book is copyrighted and please acknowledge me as the author.




Here are some images from the book:

Screen_Shot_2014-08-17_at_5.01.58_PM.480x480-75Screen_Shot_2014-08-17_at_4.59.480x480-75 Screen_Shot_2014-08-17_at_5.01.16_PM.480x480-75Screen_Shot_2014-08-17_at_5.01.34_PM.480x480-75

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