There are numerous apps that can be used by elementary music teachers as teacherScreen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.02.19 PM tools for organization, assessment, and more. Some of the apps that were demonstrated in class today were Reflector, iDoceo, Planbook, Class Dojo, Freeze Dance, and Photon EDU.

  • Reflector: For $12.99, you can easily mirror your iPad to your screen as long as your iPad, and your laptop that is connected to the projector, are on the same wireless network. This allows you to teach from anywhere in your classroom with your iPad.
  • iDoceo: iDoceo can do so much to organize your seating charts, assessments, attendance, and schedule. This app was the most well-received app in class today. Price: $7.99 
  • Planbook: I am currently trying out planbook,com and the free app that accompanies it to see if I can set up all my lesson plans in the the planner to access digitally.Price: $12 a year
  • Class Dojo: When I had a class that came to music after recess, lunch, and PE, I needed something motivating to help them focus. Class Dojo did just that. I set it up at and then accessed it through the free app to continuously give individual points for good listening. Price: Free
  • Freeze Dance: Yes, there is an app for that. Freeze Dance accesses your iTunes playlist and plays the song as you would do when playing freeze dance: starting and stopping at random times. Price: .99
  • Photon EDU: If you like to use,, and/or flash-based websites-then it is a challenge to use them on them on the iPads because iPads do not play flash-based websites. With a click of the lightning bolt button, Photon EDU makes flash-based websites work on the iPads. Price: $4.99

All of these apps are featured in my free ibook that is coming out soon: Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with One or more iPads! 



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