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I’m excited to be at Ball State University and the Music for All Summer Symposium for the third year as a faculty member of the Middle School Band Directors Track.   I will be posting the materials from all of my sessions at MusTech.Net.

This year my sessions focus on:

  • Google Docs (Forms and Data)
  • Padlet
  • Spotify
  • YouTube Channels
  • iPad Apps for Music
  • Two-track Recordings
  • Copyright
  • Social Media
  • Pinterest
  • Websites (Wix)

I’ll add the sessions note posts at the end of every day in this post.

Session I Links:
Padlet Link from the session (/w) discussion items: (Wall disabled for add-ons)

Session II Links:
iPad/iPhone applications for Music Education and Band & Ensemble Directors

MusicFirst Products: (Online, Cloud-Based, Music Education Software)

Session III Links:

  1. Two Track Recording Session PDF
    [gview file=””]
  2. Copyright Session PDF
    [gview file=””]

Session IV Links:
Coming Soon

Sessions Handout (PDF):
Coming Soon


Dr. Joseph Pisano

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