The month of February was a very busy one as it is a popular month for conferences and professional development days. I had the pleasure of working with amazing music educators in NJ and NY and was thrilled to present at the Technology for Music Education/Texas Music Educators Association (TI:ME/TMEA) conference and the New Jersey Music Educators Association (NJMEA) conference. For the workshops, I presented on SMART Boards in the elementary music classroom and technology integration in the elementary music classroom. For the conferences, I presented iPads in the elementary music classroom, assessment using technology in the elementary music classroom, and free resources for elementary music educators. Below are short descriptions of the workshops/presentations and links to the materials and handouts.

SMART_Board_2_copy.225x225-75SMART Boards in the Elementary Music Classroom: In this workshop, we explored all of the aspects of utilizing a SMART Board in the elementary music classroom from the basics of using the pens to the advanced techniques of creating lessons using the Notebook software. The best material I can share from this workshop is to download my free new ebook titled, Help! I am an Elementary Music Educator with a SMART Board! It is free and it is for elementary music educators (novice, intermediate or advanced users of the SMART Board). More details about this ebook to follow in a future post. You can download it here.

tiemcTechnology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom: In this workshop, we explored numerous items that elementary music educators and elementary music students could utilize in the music classroom. Items ranged from interactive websites to free resources for elementary music educators to SMART Boards and iPads in the music classroom. The educators had a wonderful time exploring resources and playing with technology as they achieved the goal of finding one item to immediately use in the music classroom. If you would like to see what I worked on in this workshop, please go to my website, and look through the website. My website is all about how to integrate technology into the elementary music classroom. You can also check out a book that I and 20+ elementary music educators collaborated on back in 2008 titled, Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom, which has 50+ lessons that utilize technology in the elementary music classroom.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.58.23 PMiPads in the Elementary Music Classroom: I presented this session to packed rooms at the TI:ME/TMEA and NJMEA conferences. This topic is a hot topic and one that I love to present at various conferences because there are so many apps and strategies explored that music educators can immediately take back to their classrooms. In the two presentations, we explored numerous apps that the music educator could use and apps that could assist with students’ learning of notes, rhythms, and many other musical concepts. For the handout of this session, please visit my website at and you will find it on the home page. Would you like to take an online course about this topic? You can! Click on this link to sign up for an online course that I am teaching this month about this topic. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.13.04 PMTechnology Resources and Activities to Assess Elementary Music Students: The TI:ME 2014 Teacher of the Year, Catie Dwinal, and I presented this session at the TI:ME/TMEA. We explored a variety of applications from websites to software to iPad apps that could assist the teacher with reaching his/her assessment needs and goals. For materials from this workshop, you can visit my website, or Catie’s website,

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.20.31 PMFree Resources for Elementary Music Educators: I presented this session at TMEA to a packed room with wonderful music educators! They got up and sang and danced with me in one of the activities as well as asked great questions throughout the session. We explored resources created and shared by numerous elementary music educators, wonderful music websites that included note reading games, rhythm reading activities and recorder performance activities, and so much more. One important item I tried to convey is that when there is a free or lite version of an item, it can be very beneficial to purchase the full version of that item because if you find that free/lite version useful, then the full version will be wonderful for you to use in your music classroom. The handout for this session can be found on the home page of my website,

I hope that you find my ebook and handouts useful!


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