Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 11.39.26 PMThis week my third graders began creating a book using the iPads and Red Jumper’s app “Book Creator.” The purpose of this project is for the students to begin creating a book that they will add to all year. They are creating it for next year’s third graders so that they can have it as a great resource for music class.

The Set Up of the Lesson:

To set up this lesson, I took the four iPads in the room and opened up the app. I tested the app myself and felt that the third graders could successfully use this app. I experimented with typing text, changing the font and size, taking pictures and movies, adding sound, and changing the page color. I created some guidelines for the students to begin their books which included:

  • A cover with a picture and a text box listing the title and authorchecklist
  • A page with a picture of one of their recorder pieces and an audio recording of them performing the piece
  • A page with a video of them performing another piece
  • A page of recorder tips of what they would like next year’s third graders to know about the recorder

Executing the Lesson:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 11.37.04 PMI launched Airsquirrel’s Reflector app so that the students could see me demonstrate the Book Creator app onto the SMART Board. I showed them how to type text, change the font and size, take pictures and movies, add sound, and change the page color. Since most of the these actions occur by pressing the “+” button, the students were telling me how to do the actions by the end of the demonstration. When it comes to changing the font size, the students tap the text box and press the “i” button. This also allows the students to change the font, align the text, move the text box or object box to the back/front, and to delete the box all together. Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 11.41.07 PM

I grouped the students into four groups and away they went. They loved it. I saw them all work together creating the cover, inventing the title, recording themselves performing, taking pictures of their recorders and music, and discussing recorder tips to give next year’s third graders. Some tips included covering all of the holes on the recorder, not blowing too hard, always playing with the left hand over the right hand, and demonstrating fingerings to certain notes. One thing I liked about this lesson was that though they had guidelines, they did not have a script and therefore, all of their books are creatively different.

Extending the Lesson:

The students will add onto this book throughout the year as they begin to compose their own melodies to perform on the recorder using and record video of themselves performing their own compositions.

Assessing the Lesson/Book:

As the students create the lesson, I observe and check off (with the iDoceo app) the guidelines as the students meet them. When the book is created, there are many ways of sharing the book from printing it, to saving it as a pdf, to reading it in iBooks, to opening it in Google Drive and Dropbox, all by just tapping the toolbar.

Let’s create a recorder book with Book Creator!


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