I’m very honored to be on the Educational Advisory Board for MusicFirst.  I’ve served in this advisory capacity for over a year with them and am completely thrilled with the music education technology innovations that have been/are coming out of them.   Music First is a company on the cutting-edge of innovative, online, and music education technology-based products.  Their products are both USEFUL and AFFORDABLE.   Music First just launched two new products that I’m excited to detail and post about here on MusTech.Net. 

The following is a an e-mail press release from MusicFirst that was recently launched:



…every student in your school could learn music theory, musicianship and ear-training using the top software available, all for less than two dollars per student per year?

Introducing Auralia First & Musition First
from Rising Software and MusicFirst.

Learn, practice and assess with these affordable cloud-based tools for elementary, middle and high school students.

Auralia First (extensive ear training) and Musition First (music theory & musicianship) contain the essentials from their sister software, the acclaimed Auralia and Musition. With exercises and examples suitable for younger users, Auralia First and Musition First harness the time-tested methods that have made these products a classroom standard.

  • Perfect for Band, Orchestra and Choir
  • Cloud-based software lives online which means you’re always running the latest version
  • Set and track homework & assignments
  • Student scores & assignments all in the Cloud
  • Assessment is built right in

Jumpstart your classroom with Auralia First and Musition First.

Each tool starts at $199. 

Learn more at musicfirst.com and contact  info@musicfirst.com for more information


### END PR

Enjoy and feel free to let me/us know how/if you are implementing these amazing products in the comment section below.

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